Proposal: Richard & Amanda | Julian, CA | Analisa Joy Photography | San Diego, CA Photographer

Pin thisimageI love proposals… I especially love them when they involve my close friends! It started a few months ago when Richard found a $100.00 piano. He sanded it, painted it, and he knew this was how he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Amanda. He wrote a song for his soon-to-be fiancé and he set the plans in motion. He told her to get dressed up for a corporate dinner for his business out in Julian. His brothers strapped the piano into their trucks and headed into the meadows. They unloaded the piano on a hill with a gorgeous mountain view. Richard told Amanda they were early and that they should go off roading (they do this often). Driving along the trail they stopped when they saw the piano. They got out hand-in-hand and Richard led Amanda to the piano. He wrote her a customized song and serenaded her in the meadow. He made a secret compartment in the piano and after he sang to her, he pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and popped the question. Shortly thereafter, the family and I came out of the bushes with flowers and champagne. They ended the evening dancing at sunset while Richard’s brothers took turn playing their favorite songs on the piano! It was perfection from start to finish. Congrats Richard and Amanda. Thank you Richard for letting me be a part of such a special day! 
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There were six of us laying face down in the bushes. We were never spotted. Success!
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The hidden compartment for the ring. He opened this after he sang to her.Pin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimage

Finally, Richard told Amanda to turn around and we all popped out of the bushes!
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Lots of hugs and happy tears! Pin thisimage

The men behind the mission! It took hours of strapping in the piano, off roading with three cars, and carrying the piano into the meadow. Richard is blessed with some awesome brothers!
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Sneaking the couple away for a few portraits! Pin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimage

Too cute!! I’m framing for myself because I love these two so much!Pin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimage

We made him play the song again! Pin thisimagePin thisimage

Cuteness overload! Pin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimagePin thisimage

Are you smiling at your screen or is it just me? Their love is contagious!
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Richard’s brothers took turn playing their favorite songs on the piano. These two danced in the meadow at sunset!
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I had to hop in at least one picture! I love you guys! Pin thisimagePin thisimage

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