• My name is Analisa Joy and I cannot begin to explain the excitement I have at simply doing something that I love. God has created an amazing world and He has made it easy for me to find joy in the small things in life. Life is short and I aim to capture every moment of it, for myself and anyone else I am lucky enough to meet!


“To Capture the Joys of Life in Every Photo.”
  • I believe that God has put beauty into everything around me, and I love to look back at the images I have taken only to have Him remind me of that.

About Me:

  • I am a lover for color. I’m always looking for bold walls, bright skies, and vibrant scenery.
  • I have the most amazing husband. We started dating when we were 14 years old.
  • After nearly eight years of dating, we finally tied the knot in June 2012.
  • My husband and I have two mini Australian Shepherds. Their names are Posey and Pepper. They are our furchildren.
  • My older sister, Amanda is my best friend. She has been blessed with a golden heart.
  • I’m a Disneyland annual pass holder. It’s my home away from home.
  • Cloudy weather is my favorite weather.
  • Christmas is my favorite time of year. I think I was an elf in my past life.
  • I’m obsessed with Celine Dion. I have been to her concert five times and I might have shed a tear or two.
  • My husband and I love hosting large get-togethers. The more people at our house, the better!
  • I think my DNA is made up of Coca-Cola. It’s an addiction.
  • When the sun shines, my freckles have a mind of their own.
  • I am ambitious. I am always looking for that window of opportunity!
  • I am a horrible texter. Sorry in advance.
  • Biggest pet peeve– People addicted to their cell phones. Or maybe I’m just jealous of their texting abilities.
  • My favorite show is Friends! I own all 10 seasons and I watch them on repeat while editing. They make the best coworkers.
  • How I Met Your Mother is another favorite.
  • My favorite movie is Titanic followed by The Notebook.
  • My perfect day is a good book, sweat pants, and a blanket on the beach. If I didn’t have to work all I would do is read.
  • My favorite author is, Francine Rivers.
  • I still play rock, paper, scissors when it comes to sitting in the front seat.
  • I love game nights… Unless I lose.
  • I am a lover for Instagram. Come follow me, @analisajoy & @analisajoyphotography.
  • Laughter is always the best medicine. Surround yourself with funny people. Call me if you need one ;)