Wilkins Family: Family Session


    I had such a great time with the Wilkins family last weekend. Lindsay used to be the varsity cheer coach at my high school and it was so fun getting together and talking about good ol’ CHS.  Lindsay made my job super easy because she thought of the EVERYTHING! The location, outfits, and props are all thanks to Lindsay’s creativity (making is super easy for me because all I had to do was just point and shoot at their super cute family). Everything went great until the end when I realized I dropped my car keys. I’ve never been the type of girl to carry a purse and my mom always said a time would come when I would regret that decision. I also never like to shoot in the same spot so since I made the Wilkins explore all over Mast Park, I turned my lost keys into an hour long scavenger hunt. The Wilkins family was so sweet to help me look, but we still had no luck and after a while it got too dark for us to be outside anymore! I stayed in a nearby coffee shop for another hour waiting for my mom who brought an entire search team–My dad, Trent, and grandma haha. Since it was pitch dark my dad brought everyone flash lights and finally we found my keys in a bush. I guess I need to stop moving around like a crazy person on my shoots… Or I just need to get a purse.


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