Tyneisha’s 25th Birthday: Life Session

I had a great time photographing Tyneisha’s 25th birthday party a few weekends ago. It was “Alice and Wonderland” themed and Tyneisha looked like a princess in her bold dresses and tiara. I loved the decorations, I felt as if I fell straight down the rabbit hole. Everyone remembers the wackiness of Alice and Wonderland and the way it incorporated saturated colors, flowers, and food… AKA the perfect combination for a great party. They covered everything from the red roses, teacup center pieces, and a even a giant mushroom (they were just missing a talking smoking caterpillar on top haha.) The best part of this party was the dancing because this group knew how to party! For hours everyone danced into the night and I had an awesome time putting myself in the center of the action and capturing it all. The party turned out great and I was happy to be apart of the celebration. Here are a few pictures of the hundreds I took that night.

Outfit Change!

Tyneisha's Mom--Willow Smithing it up!

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