Sierra: Senior Session

Have you every typed when your fingers are asleep? That’s why I’m doing right now and it’s the weirdest feeling! I’ve had to erase this sentence a few times already because I can’t feel the keys underneath my fingers. Sorry for the tangent, moving right along…

It’s time to meet Sierra whose entering her senior year of high school. She’s beautiful, smart, and loaded with talent! Sierra and I share the same passion for Disney and when I told her she looked like Pocahontas she was thrilled! She might as well be her twin with that amazing skin, long dark hair, and pet raccoon. Ok, ok so she doesn’t have a pet raccoon, but she should probably get one so she has a companion in college. Right?… Just a thought.

Our session was at a park near her house (which turned into one of my new favorite locations) and we ended our evening in a nearby school where I got the chance to hear Sierra play the piano. WOW, she is good… I’ve always been jealous toward those who are musically gifted. I sometimes have dreams where I wake up and I can sing like Celine Dion, but then I get in the car and sing to the radio and realize I’m back in reality. Good luck Sierra on your last year of high school… Senior year is the best!

Check out this location. Isn’t it beautiful?!

  • CAITLIN....obviously. - These are gorgeous. I love where you shot these!! It looks amazing.ReplyCancel

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