Road Trip: Personal


    Trent and I went on a mini road trip this weekend. We drove six hours to Pismo to visit our friend Bobby and some of Trent’s family.  We crammed in a lot of activities for such a short trip, but we had a great time exploring the beaches, farms, and little towns of SLO.  Thanks to everyone who let us crash at their house and for feeding us wonderful meals!

Pismo Beach

Exploring the sea life… Trent’s a lot braver than I
am because I’m EXTREMELY afraid of crabs!

I love finding hearts in nature!

God’s such a creative painter!

Avila Farm

It was a HOT weekend… After our farm visit the boys ran straight to the pool to cool off!

This is Bernie, Trent’s grandma wanted him to
be blogged so the world can see how cute he is! :)

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