New York: Personal

I had an amazing weekend in New York because Robert allowed me to assist him at a wedding on Saturday at this beautiful church right across the street from Central Park. My mom loves when I receive these destination opportunities because she tags right along with me. When I won my Pinhole Pro Exposure contest to Hawaii my mom responded, “Hooray, we get to go to Hawaii!”  When we take mini vacations our family does not like the extra space… we pretty much adopted the saying, “the more the merrier.” When my mom decided to go to NY, my sister knew she couldn’t be left behind.  She brought her best friend Adam and since Trent couldn’t go because he had to take is MCAT exam, I brought my best friend Sam.

We arrived Thursday and we spent our first night exploring the city. We walked up and down Time Square and then crashed from jet lag. The next day we didn’t have much of an agenda so we walked aimlessly all around New York. Seriously, ALL OVER… We visited Central Park, rode the subway, and visited multiple shops and restaurants. However, what seemed like an amazing day became a bust as we were walking back to our hotel for lunch. I was talking with my mom and sister when I felt a bump from behind. I know everybody is in a rush while walking in New York, but this was no incidental brush. I looked in my purse and realized my cell phone was pick-pocketed. This put a real damper on my day because I didn’t have lost phone insurance and I wasn’t able to get a hold of Robert. My mom tried to brighten my mood by taken me to an Italian restaurant because she knows if anything can make me feel better, it’s Italian food. While eating my sister received a call and it was our pick-pocketers holding my phone for ransom for $100. They wanted only my sister and I to meet them in a side alley to receive the phone and we knew we had no other choice. Just kidding, I would never do that… We told them no-can-do and I canceled my phone plan. Just when I thought I had 0% percent chance of ever seeing my cell phone again, they called Trent who intimidated them by saying he traced their number, sent it to the police, and that they were going to find them and arrest them for stealing my phone! He has a big imagination, but it worked. After a lot of harsh words, phone calls, and sketch meeting arrangements they finally decided to meet with Adam and Sam the next day by a crowded Dunkin’ Donuts where they exchanged my phone for free! What are the chances that I get pick-pocketed, they call back us asking for money, and then they return it scotch free? I couldn’t believe my odds!

I then assisted Robert with one of the most amazing weddings I have ever been to. I met so many people, such as David Maderich, who is a celebrity make-up artist for runways and red carpet events. I got to ride in a limo, eat fancy food, and take pictures in a beautiful church. If this is a glimpse into my photography future I welcome it with open arms. We ended our trip on Sunday by seeing the Broadway show Wicked (thanks to all my Facebook friends who helped me decide) and it was amazing… I love love LOVE Broadway!

We had an amazing trip and when it was time for us to leave New York was not ready for us to go. Our flights home were delayed, we had multiple layovers, and we spent over 14 hours in an airport.  We finally made it back to San Diego and even though it feels great to be home, I can’t wait for more destination opportunities! I’m ready to photograph the world.

Flying out of Chicago

Wedding Day!

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