Morfey Family: Family Session

I have had the honor of getting together with the Morfey’s four times now. Last session I told them that we are pretty much family since I see them so much. I’m even claiming myself as their cousin now. I hope I make the Christmas card. I want to give a BIG shout out to Lisa and Corey who have just brought a beautiful little boy into the world named David. Corey is in the military and even though he had leave this morning, he was able to come home for a month to spend time with his family and see his newborn son. It’s always great to see Corey because I love witnessing how loved and appreciated he is by his family. Getting together with the Morfey’s is such a treat and I’m thankful to have captured special moments in their life. Stay tuned because this is only the first half of their session with Lisa’s side of the family. I met with them the next morning to capture Corey’s side of the family. That’s a lot of family lovin’!

I also want to say hello to my wonderful cousin Corey who is currently in Afghanistan. Being with their family made me think of him and how he is also having a baby.  He is constantly in my prayers and I’m thankful to know all these amazing men who sacrifice so much to make our country so great. Thank you Corey’s!!

Uh oh mom... He's crying!!

Look at that smile!

Oh and don’t forget to take a look at the awesome little rocking chair. I love using props and since my mom has decorating super powers I know I can count on her to find me awesome knick knacks while she’s out. She found this chair for me  a few months ago and it’s been waiting patiently in my garage for the perfect photo opportunity. The chair with the combination of little Hailey and her new born brother created one of my favorite images.

I made Hailey this mask... She loved it, haha!

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