Love Affair: Personal


     So last week I went to Dallas Texas for a photography workshop called “Love Affair.” It was the most inspiring/informative thing I’ve ever attended. On our second day we learned about lighting and how we shouldn’t be afraid to take pictures at the peak of day. We were then divided into groups of four and were given a model/s (bride, engagement couple, family, etc). Our group received a family of five and they were so fun to work with because the parents were so in love and the three little boys  were surprisingly really cooperative. It was 95 degrees outside so we thought all the boys would start to fall apart after an hour, but they loved the cameras (and the free ice cream they received at the end).  After our shoot we had to pick our favorite image to submit for image critique class. Out of 75 pictures submitted three were rewarded for: “best group photo,” “best photo,” and “runner up best photo.”  Surprisingly, I won runner up best photo! I was so excited and thankful, but I couldn’t have done it without my group and model Ryder. Here’s some pictures from our shoot.

                                                                     ^Runner Up Best Picture^

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