Lauren & Jon: Engagement Session


   I had an engagement session this weekend with Lauren and Jon! They met in church at their college group and their journey together has been really blessed. My favorite story they told me that day was how Lauren received her beautiful engagement ring. They knew they wanted to get married, but Jon wanted to save up and buy her the perfect ring and since they are still in college they realized the perfect ring would take sometime.  However, while Lauren was walking with her friend she spotted a ring in the road. It was ran-over and dull from being neglected in the street, but she picked it up anyways and brought it to a jeweler.  They soon found out that it was a real diamond ring and after putting it online to see if anyone lost it, they cleaned it up and Lauren found herself an amazing engagement ring. She said she knew that was the sign from God that she needed to marry Jon and before they knew it they were engaged to be married by next summer. Congrats Lauren and Jon you two are so great, thanks for letting me take your photos!

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