Interior Design: Personal

I want to give a shout out and a special thanks to my mama for all of my creative juices.  She has always had a keen eye for details and she has been really helpful when it comes to brainstorming new ideas for my photo shoots.  My mom loves interior decorating and for years now I have pestered her to make a career out of it. Seriously, everything she touches looks like it came straight from a magazine!  My sister and I just moved into studio apartments and my mom designed both of them.  She lives and breathes for decorating and I wanted to share her talent with all of you :)… Maybe more opinions would finally convince her!

This first studio is my sister’s. She gave my mom a budget, which she then produced into this…
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She bought this all separately. She found the vase, then the twigs, then the rope and pieced it all together.
Now on to my studio… I was really fortunate to have people give me some hand-me-downs. I received my couches from Trent’s mom and the other furniture was from our old house. My mom did a great job piecing the various random pieces together. (These were taken from my cell phone).

She’s pretty good huh… Next time I’m in SD I’ll take pictures of our house because that’s where she really shines! :)

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