Bad Luck: Personal

Dang, what a frustrating day!! I’ve been working like a mad woman in an effort to get all my sessions/wedding images complete before my trip to Hawaii, but all of my hard work seemed to go out the window today.  It has been the week of technical difficulties and I feel like I have a little thunder cloud following my every move. It’s blocking my summer sunshine and raining on my electronics in an effort to break them all. A few days ago my printer broke and this afternoon my main hard drive CRASHED.  I treat my photography equipment like small children and to watch things fall apart for no reason is starting to make my hair turn gray.

I’m so thankful that I downloaded the last bits of my sessions to their CDs and online galleries, but knowing I have 500 GB of images stored in a box that I cannot access is a horrible feeling! I was in the middle of posting about my 6 year anniversary and when I went to upload my pictures I discovered my hard drive was no longer connected. I read the manual and forums online, called tech support, and examined every inch of my drive in hopes of fixing it, but still no luck! I feel so defeated.

Luckily, I have a another hard drive that I regularly back my images on, but if things do not get fixed quick I have A LOT of work to catch up on. It seems as if time is speeding up before my big trip and just when I think I’m almost done with my work load another speed bump brings it all back.

Sorry to be so whiny in a post. I hate bringing negativity to the blog, but I’m hoping that your prayers and crossed fingers will bring forth better luck! Someone bring on the sunshine to scare away my thunder cloud!

Here’s a little sneak peek into my six year anniversary and I’m hoping by the end of this week everything will be up and working again so that I can post more sessions. Happy Monday.

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