Engagement Session: Tyler & Rachel | Orange County, CA | Analisa Joy Photography | San Diego, CA Photographer

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Everyone, meet Tyler and my best friend of ten years, Rachel. Rachel was my very first friend when I entered into my new high school. She showed me the ropes and she introduced me to Trent who later became my wonderful, sweet husband. Rachel is the jack of all trades when it comes to friendship, but the quality I admire most in her is her loyalty. She will be your right hand lady during the fun times, but most importantly, she will love on you when things are tough. Rachel is a youth leader at her church, she recently did a mission trip to Africa, and she is constantly spreading the light of God to anyone and everyone that she meets. She is an amazing role model and an inspiring friend. I am so thankful that she was able to stand up next to me at my own wedding and I am honored to stand up next to her on May 10th. She is going to be the most beautiful bride!

Rachel and Tyler met in college. I remember when Rachel told me all about the boy who was, “so good looking… who played the guitar… who was athletic… who was a Godly man…” and the list went on and on. Tyler and Rachel quickly became college sweethearts. They are attached at the hip, they have two furchilds named Richard and Cyrus, and they are counting down the days until they get to do life together. Tyler and Rachel are spontaneous and adventurous. When they look into their future, they see a life of travel. Rachel is a wanderer and I’m thankful that she found a man who shares that same passion.

When Tyler called to tell me that he was going to propose to Rachel, I couldn’t be more excited for her. I can’t tell you how many times we have laid in bed talking about our future weddings. It is fun being able to go through these life changing experiences together. Tyler proposed to Rachel on Thanksgiving Day, which also happened to be his birthday. Tyler asked Rachel to meet him for a birthday breakfast. When she arrived, she was greeted by Tyler’s brother. He “kidnapped” her and he drove her to a new destination. She was greeted by one of her best friends with a single sunflower. She was given a love note from Tyler and she soon departed to her new destination. Tyler’s brother brought Rachel to all the places that were special to her and Tyler. At each site, a friend/family member was waiting with a sunflower and a love note from Tyler. As the journey progressed, so did the tears of joy and realization of what was coming. The final pit stop was at the beach where Tyler was waiting with a sunflowers, their two furchilds, and of course, a beautiful diamond ring. Just when she thought the day couldn’t be more perfect, they headed back to Tyler’s house for Thanksgiving with his family. She didn’t think she was going to see her family until later that weekend, but when they arrived, her entire family was there to surprise her. Tyler’s family and Rachel’s family enjoyed Thanksgiving together and it turned into the happiest day of their lives. I won’t be photographing Tyler and Rachel’s wedding because I received the honor of being in their bridal party, but I am so grateful that they asked me to photograph their engagement. I love seeing my two friends so happy and in love and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for their marriage… Hopefully, it’s a house across from mine. Congrats Tyler and Rachel!

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Love this shot. All tangled up!
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Rachel, you’re so beautiful!
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Solos with their furchilds.
I love having friends who are also crazy dog lovers.
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I love the Newport Bay setting!
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And because it’s Thursday. Here’s a little TBT of our glory days.
Don’t kill me, Rach. Love you!
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  • Nancy Russell - These picture brought tears to my eyes ! What a beautiful couple! You captured their love and spirit of life! Rachel , I am so happy for you both and pray God will lead you both into a beautiful life together ! GrandyReplyCancel

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