Email Love

Wow! Check out this super sweet email that I received a few days ago from a fan up in Oregon. Thank you for the encouraging words Amie, it is people like you who inspire me to do bigger and greater things! I hope we get the opportunity to meet one day :)

Email from Amie: “OK I dont really need to book a session, cause I’m in Oregon and your in SoCal, buuuutttt I wanted to say your photography is amazing! It’s so rare that I come across someones work that I’m just like,”Wow!” and I love everything you shoot!  I’m totally a new fan and I’ve only come across your pics because Bree Rowand (thanks sister-in-law!) is my cousin and I saw some of your work on her page! I’ve always dappled in photography but after looking at your work I’ve been inspired to take a photography class here at our college. I’ll admit that my teacher is a bit boring and he has a love of photographing birds, which by the way is totally uninspiring, but I’m learning the basics and thats the important part! I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the inspiration!!” ♥♥♥ Amie

That left me smiling for the rest of the day! Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

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