Engagement Session: Dexter & Krista | Encinitas, CA | San Diego, CA | Analisa Joy Photography

Meet Dexter and Krista! They recently decided to come back to sunny California and visit Krista’s home town in Encinitas. Krista has many memories in Encinitas such as watching movies in the small theater, shopping at the local beach shops, and playing volleyball at the beach. Dexter joined her as she visited memory lane and they decided that this would be the perfect location for their engagement photos. I love when my clients pick a location that is close to their heart. I am not familiar with Encinitas, so I drove up early to check out the beach and their main street shopping. It’s such a cute area and the housing that surrounds it is so beautiful! No wonder people love living there. My favorite trait about these two is how much they laugh when they are together. They are so fun and carefree and I think Krista was giggling for 99% of our session. They also love sports, soccer in particular, and they enjoy being active outside. I love the love that they share and I couldn’t be more excited for these two to tie the knot. Congrats Dexter and Krista!

Krista - I love them! Thank you so much :)

Jordan - Such great photos! You guys look so natural :)

Nancy - Love Them!! You both look so good in California ;-))

Jen Mouritzen - Krista and Dex! So many cute ones I don’t know how you will choose!

tina - i love the shots,
krista and dexter you two are just beautiful
may you be happy forever!
did you see the reflection on the beach in the water, fabulous
great photography

paula - Love these photos!! Such a happy couple and the backdrop of the special spots in Encinitas is PERFECT!

Pam - amazing pictures of krista & dexter!
the backgrounds are beautiful too, just perfect!
love the beach pictures and the sunset pictures are so sweet!

Sage - GUYS. I just wanted to say you look so happy and absolutely stunning! Beautiful people, beautiful photographs <3

JAVAID - Krista and Dexter, these are beautiful pictures. Krista, it was a great idea to take these pictures where you grew up – Congratulations to you guys again.

Lauren - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Congratulations!

Amy - Brought a smile to my face and a deep warmth in my heart to see these pictures, absolutely gorgeous!! I’m so happy for the two of you, best wishes always!!

Teresa - I’m so happy for your engagement! What beautiful pictures to celebrate the beginning of a long life together.

Jane - I agree with Nancy. The beach looks better with you two on it! Beautiful photos. So much love :). Bless you both!

Sarah - Wow! These are incredible! You both look so happy and in love ;)

Terry - Wonderful photos – - they depict great connectivity between you – - may you keep that spark forever.

Lasia - Thanks for sharing the photos from your trip to SD, how nice to see you so happy! love, Lasia

Charlene - The pictures are amazing, you both look so happy. True Love.

Craig - Great pictures!! So happy for you both!! Enjoying the warm weather, that’s not fair!!

Scott Springer - Great pics! Looks like you were both having a lot of fun in sunny California.

Looking forward to the big day in September!

Love, Scott and Anne.

Terry Gibbs - It all looks familiar! Great picture and good looking couple. Come live here!

Engagement Session: David & Kelly | Julian, CA | San Diego, CA | Analisa Joy Photography

I have had the privilege of knowing David since I was a little kid. We used to be neighbors and he was always playing outside, getting dirty, and getting himself into usual young boy mischief. Fifteen years later, not much as changed! I remember when he broke his elbow mountain biking and when he used to run to our house and bring a knife just in case he encountered a coyote. Ha! It has been so much fun growing up with David and I love that he has found the girl of his dreams. David and Kelly met through mutual friends and now they are attached at the hip. I met Kelly for a bridal consultation a few weeks prior to their engagement session and I could see why David is so crazy about her. She’s a nurse, she’s smart, she’s compassionate, and she keeps you laughing. We became instant friends during our meeting and we all had such a great time on the engagement session. Their wedding is going to be the ultimate party and celebration and I cannot wait to photograph the moments to come. Congrats David and Kelly! 

Love the details of that dress! 

Senior Session: Ashley | Pacific Beach, CA | Analisa Joy Photography | San Diego, CA Photographer

Check out my recent and oh so beautiful senior, Ashley! Ashley is  your all around high school superstar. She does well in school and is an awesome gymnast. I even made her show me some tricks on the beach during her session. Ashley was recently accepted into her dream school, Baylor, and she is counting down the days until she gets to start a new chapter in her life. The last time I saw Ashley was three years ago when I photographed her family. She was a young girl with braces excited about the adventures of high school. When I saw her for her senior shoot, I couldn’t believe how mature she has become. She is such an amazing young lady and I love the joy and positivity that she carries with her. It is contagious and it made our session so much fun. I’m excited to see what is in store for this bright and ambitious senior. Congrats Ashley!

She is such a beauty!

My favorite!

In love with these next few shots.

Representing her new college! 

I loved that her entire family showed up on her session. They are one encouraging bunch.
She is blessed to have so many supportive loved ones in her life. I had to squeeze them in!

Congrats Ashley!